Are You a Unitarian Universalist?

Are you seeking a religious community that embraces and celebrates diversity of many kinds, and where you will be accepted for who you are?

Are you seeking a religious community in which you can follow the dictates of your own reason and conscience?

Are you seeking a place where you can open your mind and heart to whatever is inspiring, sustaining, transforming and redeeming in life, without dogma and orthodoxy?

Are you seeking a place where you can engage in a free and responsible search for religious truth, supported by others who are doing this as well?

Are you seeking a religious community that takes the problems and possibilities of this world seriously, and tries actively to help heal and sustain it?

Do you feel as if you’ve lost your faith but still yearn for a religious community where you will be accepted as you are?

Can you no longer believe the religious doctrines you were taught to believe?

Have you rejected the notion of a wrathful God, a God whom you should fear, a God who would punish you for not believing in him?

Have you been taken to task for having “wrong” beliefs?

If so, you may be one of us.

The Beverly Unitarian Church (BUC) is a congregation of open heart and open mind, worshiping, learning, and working together in support of one another and for the larger good. BUC is an inclusive congregation – whatever your age, religious background or perspective, whatever your race, your cultural, ethnic, or sexual orientation, if you are a person of good will and earnest purpose you are welcome here. We warmly invite you to visit.

Unitarian Universalist Association

(617) 742-2100 | INFO@UUA.ORG

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