Nurture your Spirit

Help Heal the World

Sunday Service: June 4, 10:30 am

We’ll be meeting in person and streaming live on Zoom: 

Guest in the Pulpit: Carl Wolf
Sermon: “Poverty in a Time of Plenty”

Poverty presents in many ways. Material poverty is primary, but poverty of community, spirit, and goodwill is always present. They are interrelated, and a struggle against one form of poverty helps to diminish the others. Our Unitarian Universalist traditions guide us in this struggle, and we will celebrate the ways in which we are putting our faith into action.

The Beverly Unitarian Church welcomes people of every religious background, race, ethnicity, age, gender, and sexual and affectional orientation.

Childcare and religious education are available during services.

Masks and full vaccination are encouraged but no longer required for anyone to attend service in the sanctuary, and for any child over 5 to attend RE. Your Safety Committee is continuously tracking the pandemic risk levels and will adjust requirements for social distancing as needed.

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Join a liberal Southside religious community

Nurture your Spirit

“Are you a UU?”

Celebrate diversity of identity, theology and life experience.

Help Heal the World

We are a small congregation striving to earn a place of respect in the wider community.

Join a liberal Southside religious community

Both within the church and the larger community.

The Givins Beverly Castle is an icon of the neighborhood and a community gathering place for concerts, parties, weddings, etc. – recently completed successful restoration campaign.

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