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Beverly Unitarian Church at Christmas
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Sundays: 10:30 AM
Child care and religious education for children are provided during services.  • SEE MORE

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Who are the Unitarians? Watch our video, Voices of a Liberal Faith and learn about our growing faith.


Healthy Brain Expo ~ Thursday, April 10 at 7 PM

The Beverly Unitarian Church and Morgan Park Baptist Church collaborated on this event to bring the larger community together for an introduction (or reminder) to some of the many ways to maintain positive mental health. Join your neighbors to reinforce what you are doing right and to learn some new ways to maintain a positive lifestyle.

BUC Spotlight



Thanks to all of our BUC members and friends, the March 1st Farmers’ Market was very successful. About 240 persons attended, and they purchased approximately $5,400. worth of local produce and fair traded goods. Special thanks to those who helped plan and facilitate the market: Susan DeGrane, Betsy Perrine, Mike Lewis, Karen McArdle, Mark and John Tade, Marie Looze and Dee Zagel.
Our Intergenerational Earth Day Service titled “The Fierce Green Light”, will take place on Sunday, April 27th. This Service takes its inspiration from the life and works of Aldo Leopold, the first American Conservationist to call for an intelligent approach to humanity’s place in nature. The children’s Religious Education Class will participate in the Service with a presentation entitled “The Call of the Wild Ones”.
As part of our effort to keep hazardous refuse out of the waste stream throughout Chicago, we have scheduled our next expanded Electronic and Hazardous Waste Collection in the Tenth Ward. The collection will take place at “The Zone”, 11731 So. Avenue “O” on Saturday, June 7th from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. This collection is co-sponsored by the Southeast Environmental Taskforce. We are expecting a large turnout for this event; So please consider volunteering to help us. We will arrange car pools from BUC on the morning of the 7th.
For more information please contact Fran Sowa,frannevpk@yahoo.com, (708)423-6392 or Eileen Klees, eklees@gmail.com, (77

Social Action Community Meeting

April 3, 2014 - 6:00pm

Social Action Committee Update

April 3 The Social Action Committee is hosting a community meeting for OUR Walmart, the group working to improve the wages and working conditions of Walmart associates. A number of church folk along with other members of the community have already participated in this important work. Meet with Walmart associates and organizers--Find out how YOU can make a difference in the fight for justice in the workplace. Thursday, April 3rd at 6 PM.

April 13 The Second Sunday collection goes to the Green Sanctuary.

April 20 On Easter Sunday at 5 PM the Social Action Committee, along with Southsiders for Peace

Our Busy, Healthy Church

Not even a Polar Vortex can stop Beverly Unitarian Church members from gathering. Yes, some events were cancelled, but for the most part, our good works and fun continue, uninterrupted. The March calendar tells much of the story.

Our committment to local, national and global concerns is everywhere! The Social Action Committee's focus on supporting PADS (our local homeless shelter), Syrian refugees and Walmart workers as well, puts the walk in our talk about our committment to local, national and global concerns. The Green Sanctuary's annual Farmer's Market can boast a huge turnout from the community for an event that encourages us to value the small farmer and to spend our money on what is healthy for us. The Women of the Castle's speaker addressed Human Traficking. These are mighty endeavors for a small congregation.

Fundraising efforts have shown one success after the other. The volunteers who take on these responsibilites know they will have eager volunteers to help them make things happen. March offers our Service Auction, the Academy Awards Party and the Murder Mystery Party. What a wonderful way to make money and have fun while we're doing it! Organizers are very thoughtful about being inclusive; the cost of attending is very reasonable and accommodations can be made to ensure inclusivity within our community.

We kick off our Stewardship Campaign on March 23rd. Members and Friends will commit to an annual pledge in support of our ministry and programs. Pledges are the primary source of our revenue and our ongoing demonstration of generosity is another sign that we value our church and are thriving.

In this month's issue of Contact, our newsletter, Beth O'Grady, Board Chair, used the term "loving ministry" to describe our minister, Nan Hobart's work with us. She also thanked Nan for "embodying grace in our midst." Nan retires in June so we have begun the search for our next contract minister. The Board has appointed a three person task force to lead the search and the church committees and the board are meeting and discussing the qualities we'd like in the next minister and the goals of the ministry. This is thoughtful and important work.

The Religious Education Programs for adults and children are thriving. The "Heart to Heart" group meets before the Sunday service for a powerful and touching experience through reflection and listening. The children loved celebrating Eastern Traditions in February and look forward to celebrating Earth Day with the adults. We learn something new from our children every time we gather for an intergenerational service not to the mention the joy their presence always brings.

Saying who we are is one thing. Saying what we do, is another. Clearly, the Beverly Unitarian Church is a "doing" faith community.

Murder Mystery Party ~ FUNdraiser

March 22, 2014 - 6:00pm

This year we will all be attending a High School Reunion. The evening includes dinner and more entertainment and intrigue than you can shake a name badge at. There is room for more so dig out your old cheerleader's outfit and your high school sweater. It's time to play!
$25 Donation BYOB
Please call Linda for reservations and a part. 773-238-1633; peteyandbill@aol.com

Buddhist Meditation

Participate in a Buddhism-based meditation in a group setting. Join us Sundays at 7:30pm in the church sanctuary. Newcomers welcome. 


New OWL (Our Whole Lives) Session Begins April 27th

Sexuality Education for Boys Grades 4-6

Our Whole Lives (OWL) is Back!

This much needed program is for boys in grades 4 - 6 and we are offering the class to the community with a maximum of 12 participants. On April 17th at 7:30 p.m. there will be a mandatory parent meeting in the church office. Parents can register their children, ask questions and peruse the program materials.

Anyone needing more information can contact Amanda Price at 773-398-3533 or

For the Course Calendar and Description click on the Religious Education tab and then select For Children.  

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Easter Sunday: April 20

Rev. Nan Hobart
We will celebrate Easter with a multi-generational service of celebration and music. The children will leave the service early to participate in the annual Easter Egg Hunt.
All children are welcome!

Music by Jean Hardy Robinson and the BUC Choir