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Social Action

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At our 2nd Sunday collections in May and June will go to Ward College. At our Feb 28 SAC meeting Dr. Daniel Geiter and Dr. Elijah Ward made a presentation about an exciting new-paradigm college that they plan to start up on the South Side in August. Ward College, a 501(3) c non-profit, will serve formerly-incarcerated students, currently-incarcerated persons, low-income students, and veterans. The formerly-incarcerated face many barriers, including not being wanted at many existing schools. They are barred from most en-try-level jobs and even from housing. Ward College will provide many uncustomary services to overcome barriers, such as 24/7 daycare, transportation and housing assistance, work-study programs, internships, and mentoring. Dr. Geiter, the college president, understands the barriers, because he was formerly-incarcerated himself. He later went to college, eventually earning a Doctorate in Education. The school’s primary goal will be to place students in a job. Some will earn certificates and others asso-ciate degrees. Students will be eligible for Federal Pell Grants. The school is licensed, has its team of people lined up, and has raised over 90% of the money needed to start. Much more information can be found at . Also check . Dr. Daniel Geiter will also be the speaker at our July 24th Sunday Service. Please make your checks out to Elijah Glenn Ward Family Foundation, Inc.

In April we collected $221 for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC). We also collect-ed $369 for UUSC in December, making the total for the year $590. Thank you for your generosity. Helping refugees is currently UUSC’s major focus.
The Community Renewal Society (CRS)
 Iindividuals can take part in CRS actions and  write letters which further our social action  mission, as able. A significant advantage of being  a CRS member church is our ability to meet and  develop working relationships with members of  churches in other neighborhoods on the South  Side. We need such relationships if we want to  advocate for them. Of course, being part of a  large organization makes our efforts more  powerful.

Buddhist Meditation

Reverend Marcia Curtis is temporarily canceling the Sunday evening meditation until further notice. For more information please click
We hope to resume the meditation and dharma talks in the next few weeks.

Religious Education


Childcare for our youngest is available during services.

All children are welcome!   



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