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February Services

Feb 5 Defining Moments

Guest in the Pulpit: Eileen Wiviott
In uncertain times, when we're trying to decide which way to go, are we at the mercy of fate or are we the creators of our own destiny? As we make our way forward, we must first determine who it is we are.

Feb 12 Love: A Second Hand Emotion

Rev. John Smith

Does love seem like it's an expression rather than a true action? Do we need a patron saint to remind us how to love one another? Please join us to learn what saintly love is all about.
Feb 19 Often Forgotten Legends Rev. John Smith African Americans have historically been labeled and stereotyped as being less than other Americans. Very little has changed since the civil rights era. We must not forget their innovations and monumental discoveries are often forgotten. Join us to learn about the American legends who built this great America!

Feb 26 The Moral Demands of Climate Change

Member in the Pulpit: Eileen Klees
This sermon was written by Rev. Marilyn Seward, 1st Unitarian of Portland, OR, and adapted for this service to include specific action we can take to create the social and political will to address this most pressing problem. "At its core, global climate change is not about economic theory or political platforms, nor about partisan ad-vantage or interest group pressures. It is about the future of God's creation and the one human family." - US Catholic Bishops, Global Climate Change: A Plea for Dialogue, Prudence and the Common Good, 2001

Religious Education

Childcare for our youngest is available during services.

All children are welcome!   


Buddhist Meditation

Reverend Marcia Curtis invites you to participate in a Buddhism-based meditation in a group setting. Join us Sundays at 7:30pm in the church sanctuary. Newcomers welcome.

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