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Board Chair's Parting Message

In the June issue of CONTACT, BUC's newsletter, our outgoing Board Chair, Linda Petersen, wrote her farewell article. The congregation is deeply grateful for Linda's many contributions and thoughtful leadership during her tenure. We are also here to help her transition into the much less demanding responsibilities of congregational membership.
Linda wrote:
"June is here, and I am writing my final Contact article as Board Chair. It has been an eventful three years; not always fun, often scary, but usually rewarding. During my tenure, we have worked with two amazing ministers and are ready to welcome a third minister. We have survived community backlash from our electronic sign posting of “Black Lives Matter”. We have come together to meet the challenge of an $85,000 property tax bill, raising $45,000 on just one Miracle Sunday. We have been able to offer support to the family of one of our own who was lost to Chicago’s street violence.

And now we are facing the challenge of repairing our building. As you know, there is an alarming crack in the southeast turret. Just this week, we have had steel bands installed for stability and the cracks repaired, but this temporary solution will only last 2 years. We will need to have the turret re-paired more permanently, and this will no doubt be quite expensive. We will all need to work to bring in our wider community to help us with this expense. The Castle is, after all, not just our home but an iconic symbol of the Beverly/Morgan Park neighborhood.

I am certain that my replacement will lead us in this newest challenge, and any others that will inevitably appear in the next two years. One thing I learned during my tenure is that this can be a lonely job. I encourage us all to support our leaders as they are faced with important and sometimes difficult decisions. A short email or phone call of support during a crisis will be most welcome.

When I took on this job, I told myself the likelihood of my causing Beverly Unitarian Church to close its doors under my leadership was unlikely. And, while there were times when this did seem possible, I am happy to report that I think we are as strong and healthy as when I started. We continue to offer thoughtful Sunday services, welcome new members, engage in important social action activities, and come together to both celebrate and mourn. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.

See you in church,
Linda Petersen"

Religious Education

Childcare for our youngest is available during services.

All children are welcome!   


Buddhist Meditation

Reverend Marcia Curtis invites you to participate in a Buddhism-based meditation in a group setting. Join us Sundays at 7:30pm in the church sanctuary. Newcomers welcome.

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