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SUNDAY October 13 ~ 10:30 AM

Sermon: "Reason, and Other Forms of Magical Thinking"
Rev. David Schwartz
The use of reason is one of our core sources and, at the same time, "reason" is also a banner under which countless entirely non-reason-based ideas have been advanced. The physicist Richard Feynman says: “you must never fool yourself, but this is difficult because you are the easiest person in the world for you to fool.” How do we neither abandon reason nor delude ourselves? “Reason is the servant of impulse before it is its master,” writes one critic. What does it mean to take reason seriously, and to keep it in appropriate perspective among many in our spiritual, moral, and community dimensions of our lives?

Buddhist Meditation

Reverend Marcia Curtis is temporarily canceling the Sunday evening meditation until further notice. For more information please click
We hope to resume the meditation and dharma talks in the next few weeks.

Religious Education


Childcare for our youngest is available during services.

All children are welcome!   



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