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Child care and religious education for children are provided during services.  • SEE MORE

Givins Beverly Castle Restoration Campaign

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SUNDAY June 9 ~ 10:30 AM

Sermon: "The Festival of Breaking the Fast"
Member in the Pulpit: Jacob Furst
One of the two most important holidays for Muslims is Eid al - Fitr, the Festival of the Breaking of the Fast, marking the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting. Come join an outsider to discover what we can learn about ourselves and our faith from observing Islam’s holy festivals.

Buddhist Meditation

Reverend Marcia Curtis invites you to participate in Buddhism-based meditation in a group setting. Join us Sundays at 7:30pm in the church sanctuary. Newcomers welcome. Meditation and Dharma talks are very week.

Religious Education


Childcare for our youngest is available during services.

All children are welcome!   



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